HAPY7649E_SMMeira Chand’s multi-cultural heritage is reflected in her novels, which explore issues of identity and cultural dislocation. Five of her novels, The Gossamer Fly, Last Quadrant, The Bonsai Tree, The Painted Cage and A Choice of Evils, are all set in Japan. Contemporary India is the location of House of the Sun that, in 1990, was adapted for the stage in London where it had a successful run at Theatre Royal Stratford East.  It was the first Asian play with an all-Asian cast and direction to be performed in London.  The play was voted Critic’s Choice by Time Out magazine.  Also set in India, but in Calcutta during the early days of the Raj, A Far Horizon considers the notorious story of the Black Hole of Calcutta. Her new novel, A Different Sky takes place against the backdrop of colonial pre-Independence Singapore. Based on meticulous historical research, the novel follows the lives of three families in the 30 years leading up to Singapore’s independence. The book examines an era that includes the Second World War and the subsequent Japanese occupation of Singapore, and also the rise of post-war nationalism in Malaya.


Praise for A Different Sky... 

“ Chand proves herself a master of the modern Asian epic in this tale …she endows her characters with humanity and complexity, …grounding …their histories in solid research, and she offers a credible, compelling panorama of the tragedy and resilience, culture and individuality, political evolution, dissolution, and renaissance of 20th-century Singapore. ”   Publishers Weekly, starred review, September 2011


 ‘…a panoramic page-turner…The epic sweep..[of]…this meticulously researched book is alive with engrossing detail…‘ 

The Guardian 2nd October 2010